Our Story 


Our four-legged friend helped us with label and company name creation. His name is Rudy and he inspired us to start business not only for ourselves but also for helping animals which can't take care of themselves without humans. But not all animals are so lucky to have a loving home. YES, we donate! 1% from each sold can we transfer to the dog shelter. Together we can raise an amount that really helps homeless animals. 

Join us! You can help homeless animals with us, for that you just need to buy a can of Rudy's Kombucha.


Hey there! I'm Egor and I'm a brewmaster.
For several years in Latvia I have designed 3 breweries and continue brewing beer for local gypsy guys. The idea to create kombucha came from tasting this drink some days ago. There were months of experimentation, failure and success. The experience of working with fermentation processes came in handy in this area as well and allowed to create unique and blazing flavors that distinguish Rudy's Kombucha on the market.

I love what I do and want to make our tastes perfect.



Hey! I'm Daria. I'm responsible for the beauty of Rudy's Kombucha. My experience in marketing helped us create a brand that is vibrant, unique and different from others. Social media is one of the most important places where a brand can express itself, give a clear message to customers, and show all of the company's values. We stand for our values, creating a perfect product in perfect packaging, tasty and healthy and, most importantly, a natural drink.